Frequently Asked Questions

What type of building process do you use?

Knapp Builders is a penalized home builder.  Panelization, the most widely-used form of systems-building, refers to a construction process where project components are prefabricated in a climate-controlled facility before being shipped to a home site.  A majority of today’s production and portfolio builders use factory-made floor and roof trusses, the most commonly known form of panelization.

Do we have to build from one of your floor plans?

No.  While we do offer a large variety of home types and configurations, we can build from your architectural plans or start a plan from a sketch on a napkin.  Either way, every home we build is a one-of-a-kind custom home. 

Can I decide what brand of materials I would like used in my custom home?

Yes.  We offer some of the best building products for your home.  If there is a particular window or door brand you would prefer, just let us know so we can change the specifications to reflect it.  Our goal is to give you the dream home you want right down to the garage door opener.

Do you have building lots available?

While we don’t have specific lots available, we assist our customers in the process of finding a suitable building lot.  We work with local real estate agents to find the perfect location for your dream home.  Whether it’s in the Capital District, Saratoga, Schoharie, Vermont or the Berkshires we will work until we find that ideal location you can be happy with.

 What is the square footage price of your homes?

Our homes typically range from $105 per sqft up to $175 per sqft not including land.  There are a lot of variables that affect this.  These include home style, location, finishes, home size, kitchen design, plumbing fixtures, etc.  We do not have standard pricing for each model.  We provide a custom estimate for plan a customer wants to build.

What does a custom home estimate cost?

Our custom home estimates are FREE!  Take some time and sit down with us and let us provide you with a custom estimate based on all your wants and needs.  The more information you provide us with, the more accurate we can make your estimate right from the start.

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