A question we are often asked is “Do I need to choose a plan from your website to build my home?”  There are many ways to arrive at the home plan that you are most comfortable with.  No matter which way you choose, 3 important factors will always decide the course.  Those factors are house location, house size and budget.

While we have many great plans on our website, we offer full custom design.  Customers typically bring us a wide range of plan ideas to help design their own custom home.  Some typical designs we see range anywhere from full architectural drawn plan to something sketched on a napkin.

What customers find to be true is that even if you select a home from one of our plans, there are still some changes they will make to ensure this home is one that suits their lifestyle.  It may be something as drastic as increasing the square footage to something as simple as adding some windows.

The more information a customer can provide us, the closer we can get the construction estimate from the first draft.  We always ask customers to bring their “wish list” with them to an estimate meeting.  This provides us with guidelines to help guide the design process as well as keeping the budget in check.

Want to see what we can offer you?  Give us a call or an e-mail to schedule a design meeting today!  Let us help you design your dream home today.


Bill Knapp Jr

Director, Design and Sales